Deducting Casualty, Disaster and Theft Losses

Due to the destruction from the forest fires in Tennessee, historic flooding in Louisiana, and Hurricane Matthew, natural disasters have been prominent in the media in this past year. After the storm has cleared, that is when the dirty work begins. The damage assessment begins, and a plan for recovery is needed.  Likewise, when you or your business suffer a theft loss, the consequences can be just as devastating. 

Receipt of Non-Taxable Grants

When businesses operating as corporations are seeking to relocate or expand, an often- overlooked funding source is a direct contribution by a city or county.  Government entities or other community groups may have an interest in attracting a grocery store to underserved areas in their community, and are often willing to pay grant money as an incentive to get the business there.  

Employee Fraud and the Areas to Monitor

As a business owner, it is uncomfortable to consider that one or more of your trusted employees may be capable of fraud.  However, that unfortunate reality can harm your company in many ways, so we are devoting this week’s article to ways to spot and prevent employee fraud. 

Deducting Skybox and Event Suites

As a business owner, you are well aware that your business relationships matter!  Whether it is a key customer, vendor or fellow business owner, your ability to foster and nurture your business relationships can mean the difference between the success or failure of your business. 

BGBC Partners, LLP, Announces Two Partner Promotions

BGBC Partners, LLP is pleased to announce Shelley Mattaliano, CPA and Jason Twomey, CPA, were recently promoted to the role of partner. 


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