Expatriate Services

Sending employees from their home countries to work abroad complicates their income tax filing requirements and can create additional tax and regulatory issues for the employer and employees. Our advisors can keep employers and employees fully briefed on the issues and in compliance with the tax authorities. We can also assist in developing policies for employers to ensure that employee benefit packages are adapted to working outside of their home countries; including support with immigration and visa requirements. Our professionals have vast experience providing the following expatriate services:

  • Tax compliance
  • Tax consulting
  • Planning for compensating expatriates in a tax-efficient manner
  • IRC Section 911 – Income Exclusion
  • Banking assistance
  • Social security card assistance
  • Driver's license assistance
  • Visa and immigration support

Through our coordinated, full-service approach, we can help you make sure your corporate mobility strategy is aligned with its execution.

Please contact Thomas R. Alvarez or Seema Parikshak Verma for more information:

Seema Parikshak Verma

Indianapolis, IN




Thomas R. Alvarez

Indianapolis, IN