Cost Segregation

BGBC Partners can help property owners realize greater tax benefits and increased cash flow through its cost segregation services.  Cost segregation is the systematic and thorough investigation of all costs, direct or indirect, associated with the construction of new or existing real estate holdings.  The result of such a study, which incorporates accounting, engineering and appraisal techniques and methods, should be a more beneficial classification of your assets for tax purposes.

Through a BGBC Partners cost segregation study, you can:

  • Improve your company’s cash flow
  • Maximize your company’s tax benefit
  • Obtain proper classification of assets
  • Obtain fixed asset detail
    • Tax Depreciation
    • Book Depreciation
    • Property Tax Reporting and Relief
    • Insurance

Let BGBC Partners, provide a completely supported and documented cost segregation study for your holdings.  For more information, email Brad Bell at